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Q; OM freaking G! can i join? :) - delenastanarmy

OM freaking YES! Welcome to the club :D

- Cat

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Q; I cannot believe I never asked to be on this list! So here I am, could you add me please? :) - smolderpants

Of course, welcome to the club :D

- Cat

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Q; May I join please? ^^ - delenashades

Absolutely! :D Just added you :)

- Cat

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Q; May i join? - megenwinchester

Of course :3

- Cat

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Delena shippers club’s song of the month! 

So, we all know there are millions of songs that perfectly describe our perfectly imperfect OTP. And although we already released our ultimate playlist (volume one), we’re still looking for more!

That’s why we’ve decided to have a featured song of the month. Each month, people will suggest songs. The admins’ favourite five will go in a poll, in which people will vote, and then the SOTM will be featured on our blog!

In addition, once the SOTM is announced, we’ll hold a competition: best fanfiction, meta, edit or gifset inspired by that song. And also, whoever suggested the song initially will win a promo!

Sound good? Start sending them in! They can be songs used in the show but ideally, they should be ones that aren’t as well known, but really describe our OTP. The more accurate and undiscovered, the better!

You can suggest a maximum of three songs each. And if yours is chosen for the poll and then our SOTM, you’ll get your promo!

So, get sending them in. We will choose the poll in exactly a week’s time; Monday 14th April. Thanks for reading and please reblog to spread the word :D

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Us Delena shippers have been through hell and back these past few episodes, and sadly, many gave up. But we’ve come through the other side now and toxic or not, Delena as we know them are back.

So it seems like this is a great time to start a project which should continue the Delena positivity and give us hope during whatever else JP etc throw at us in the upcoming episodes: the Delena Positivity Project!

This is going to be a permanent, ongoing project. The idea is simple: you send us reasons why Delena are going to prevail, why you think they’ll be endgame, what you love about them, and basically just lots of OTP positivity.

In turn, we will publish these reasons and messages, all tagged #descpp and you guys will hopefully agree, reblog and continue to spread the love!

This is how you do it:

Please reblog this to spread the word, and don’t forget to take part :) ANy questions, you know where to find us. <3

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Q; hey :) i just wanted to ask if i could join? I'd be super happy about that ♥ - daemonskitten

Hey there! Absolutely, welcome to the club :D

- Cat

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